Subterranean and Drywood Colony Information and Solutions

There are 3 ways to detect termites in your home:

If you find wood pulp or sawdust in or around your residential or commercial real estate property.

Listen for “hallow” sounds. Listen to the sounds your property makes. If it is making irregular “noises” such as a “hallow” sound with in the regular “creaking” sounds of your property, you may have a colony.

Look for deterioration in or around your residential or commercial real estate property.

Dry wood and subterranean termite species are social insects. Like ants, they live in a chain of command. At the top of the command is a queen whose purpose is to reproduce babies, or larvae. These babies eventually grow in to soldiers.

Soldiers are what you would imagine. Soldiers defend the colony against invaders, primarily fellow ants. Workers work for the betterment of the colony. Workers feed others, groom the queen , and excavate the nest by making tunnels and causing destruction of wood.

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