Termidor Termiticide Control Solutions

The best way to keep parasites and colonies away from your home is to keep brush 18 inches away from your residential or commercial real state. Make sure to fix leaky spigots and pipes around your home and, or building. Termites enjoy moisture.

Keep woodpiles away from your residential or commercial real estate. Here is a list of the necessary tools needed in order to successfully eradicate subterraneans from your home:

Drills, Pressure Injectors, Pressure-Generating Pumps and a High-Gallon Tank. Magic Pest Control utilizes America’s Number One Termiticide Solution – Termidor.

Unfortunately, the only way to eliminate drywoods are to fumigate. Dry woods burrow themselves deep in to the building structure. If you need to fumigate a residential or commercial real-estate building, please get a hold of Magic Pest Control so we can help you resolve your manner – (480) 654-5888

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