Subterranean Colony Information

Be sure to keep brush at least eighteen (18) inches away from your residential or commercial real estate. This is the surest way of keeping your residential or commercial real estate from becoming a food source.

Why and How?

Subterranean colonies and their counterpart parasites food source comprise mostly of dead tree, brush and other sources in order to obtain moisture. If a tree or brush is anywhere near commercial or residential real estate the colony will attack the building structure. This goes with any material in direct contact with the soil, especially wood.

This includes: Trees, Brush, Vines, Plumbing Fixtures, Wood Piles or Wood Flooring, etc…

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Subterranean termites build mud tubes up the walls of commercial or residential real estate if the colony has successfully infested the building structure. Look out for mud tubes up the wall. If you have mud tubes you have subterranean colony living in, or, around your commercial real estate property.

Subterraneans build mud tubes as they make their way between the soil and food source, or wood. These mud tubes protect the colony as they forage for food.

Subterraneans dig themselves deep into building structure soil and foundation. If you have a problem you must be aware of the necessary equipment needed in order to successfully treat the area in which the colony is living in, or around.

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